Moving out of the bedroom

1/18/2012 11:55:28 PM

By RetroRalph

So the past week hasn't seen many updates around the site here.... why? Well I've been busy doing a LOT of RetroCopy work! Tommy and Sasha have been posting bugs to the new bug tracker making it easy (and somewhat rewarding) in fixing bugs as they appear. One aspect which will be seeing an improvement in v0.970 is the 3D room.

Now there are still many things to do with the "3D world", many textures need to be replaced and there needs to be an actual GUI to create/destroy objects in the world. But these things come in baby steps. :)

In regards to the other stuff that's been finished in the last week, I'll post more about it over the coming days. I hope to have v0.970 out within a week. It may not be "perfect" but I think everyone will like it.

4 responses to Moving out of the bedroom

Chuckles92 wrote:

1/19/2012 12:08:23 PM

Thanks, we appreciate!

JTCPingas09 wrote:

1/21/2012 6:33:07 AM

This new release will surely be one that was worth waiting for. :)

Pepodmc wrote:

1/21/2012 10:41:15 PM

GREAT !!!!1 :)

tary_boss wrote:

2/14/2012 8:21:48 AM

Wow,this is gonna be awesome!

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