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10/15/2012 6:07:09 AM

By Tommy

As Ralph is a busy man and is currently working on another project, I have been given access to write in the blog here to keep you updated about what's going on. In addition to that, I plan to write about other retro game related stuff, so keep an eye on this blog!

For those who do not know who I am, I've been working with Ralph for some years now on RetroCopy. I am not a programmer, however - it seems some people think RetroCopy has a whole team of programmers, but Ralph is the only one who codes it (which is a major accomplishment, considering how huge this project is!). What I do is bug Ralph with a million suggestions, especially when it comes to the design of the GUI. One of the many things I've studied is digital graphic design, so I'd like to think I know something about that.

In addition to that I'm (much to Ralph's disliking, as it gives him extra work) good at spotting errors and bugs, and I do testing. What I've spent the most time on though, are the RetroCopy Game Databases and the Media Library. I've probably spent thousands of hours working on that over the years, as it is very time consuming work. I'll probably discuss that in more detail later.

What I plan to do in the coming weeks in the blog here is talk about some old Sega Master System games, and at the same time present themes I've made for the games which can be used in the beta version of RetroCopy v1.0 (available in the forum). Some of the themes have already been made available, while others are totally new.

And : we need help!! Our ultimate goal is to have a theme for all games, but there's absolutely no way I can do that all by myself. So please let me know if you are interested in helping out with the themes. You'll need a picture editing program (I use Photoshop), but it's fun work, and you get to be creative.

See you soon!

3 responses to New blogger

ExtremeDude2 wrote:

10/15/2012 5:32:22 PM

Good, I'd rather have some kind of posts then none at all XD

JTCPingas09 wrote:

10/16/2012 5:40:28 AM

As long as we know what's going on, it makes me happy :)

KAOS2007B wrote:

12/27/2012 10:43:05 PM

Felices Fiestas!!!

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