Action Fighter

3/16/2013 6:10:27 AM

By Tommy

Action Fighter was originally an arcade game, but was later ported to several systems. The version I am familiar with is the Sega Master System version.

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I guess it's sometimes hard to differentiate nostalgia and quality, and perhaps nostalgia is part of the reason why I choose to call this game a real Master System classic. There is something unique with the first Master System games, originally made for the Japanese Mark III, and this game definitely has that special uniqueness I'm not able to express in better terms.

And it's actually quite a hard game - I was never able to finish it as a kid. (Actually I think I was never able to beat the third "boss" - the three choppers.) But I remember spending hours after hours playing it, slowly becoming better and better at it, and at the same time discovering new things about it. Oh, what a joy it was to finally beat one of the bosses and progressing to the next level and see what it was like, and how it was different from the last ones. Because, even though the levels look quite similar, there are a few differences - and some new enemies. One tip though - enter one of the Sega trucks (or grab one of the "P"s if you're up in the sky) to get better shooting as fast as possible. That will make the game a lot easier. And of course, try not to die, as you then will start with the first weapon again. And entering the Sega truck a second time will also be very useful, so that you're able to shoot down those extremely annoying choppers.

The music is also classic in my opinion. And the take off and landing sequences are extremely cool! The nerve-racking wait while you're taking off and the music stops and there's complete silence. For a while you only see white in the picture, and then suddenly, the cool plane music starts and before you have the chance to think there's enemies attacking you! And the boss music is equally cool. When you hear it you really know it's time to get serious!

To summarize - perhaps owning this game as a kid and playing it a lot has something to do with this positive review of it, but even a kid is able to separate a shitty game from a good one. I thought it was a good game then, and I still think it is. It's a shame they don't make more of these any longer...

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