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Sonic Blast Review by tommy1983


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3 years ago - Thursday, January 05, 2012
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Sonic Blast game cover
My review of Sonic Blast for the Sega Game Gear

Score: 5/10

For some reason I've never paid much attention to this game, even though I'm a big Sonic-fan. The graphics seems so strange and different compared to the other Sonic-games, I've always thought, so I guess I've never really given it a chance. That was until tonight, when I decided to play it from start to finish.

And it's not such a bad game actually. Even though I still prefer the way Sonic looks and moves in the two classic (in my opinion) 8-bit-Sonic-games "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic the Hedgehog 2". In this game it's like they've tried to make him look 16-bit or something, and they've also decided to give him more moves than in the first 8-bit Sonic games. I don't mind that - the little extra jump you can get in the air while already jumping is helpful, and of course the spin dash should have been in the first Sonic-games as well. But still, there are some issues. Sonic seems much slower in this game, and it takes too long time to get from standing still to top speed - he feels harder to move somehow. If that had been improved a bit, the game would have been much better.

Of course, you also get the opportunity to play as Knuckles in this game, which is great. Without double checking it, I'm pretty sure this is the only 8-bit Sonic game where you get to play as him. Being able to play a game with two different characters that act and move a bit differently is pretty fun, as it's sort of like getting two games in one. Perhaps this could have developed a bit further, for example by making places that only Sonic could reach and places only Knuckles could reach?

When it comes to level design it's pretty standard Sonic, although the graphics are in a totally different style than the first games. The bonus stage is a bit annoying though, as it's pretty slow, and I also find it a bit difficult to grab the rings that are in the air, simply because it's difficult to know how close you are to them. I guess the bonus stage is an effort to mimic the bonus stages we see in 16-bit Sonic 2 and 3, which is maybe a good idea, as it gives us a break from the standard platformer for a while. It's just a shame it wasn't done better.

The last problem I have with this game is maybe not the game's fault at all, but the whole system (Game Gear). Sonic (or Knuckles) is pretty big compared to the small screen, and you don't have much space around you. I would actually recommend playing the Brazilian Master System-port of this game instead of this Game Gear-version, as it's made using the code of this game. The difference is you get to see much more of what is around you, which gives you a much better experience.

Even though there are some things about the game I don't like, it is, as I started out by saying, not such a bad game. It has great music, and also many original ideas compared to the earlier Sonic 8-bit games. And perhaps I would have liked the game even better if I had grown up with it. But since I didn't I have to say its flaws are obvious.

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