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RetroCopy emulates the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) at the cycle level for the main components (CPU, PPU, APU and cartridges) and has extremely high compatability and accuracy with this system. The NES uses an 8bit CPU (6502) and features 2KB of RAM and 2KB of video RAM.

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The Famicon was Nintendo's first console, first released in Japan in 1983 on the same day the SG-1000 was released by Sega. The Famicon was plagued by several hardware issues making Nintendo have to recall it. They redesigned the motherboard and rereleased the console. Nintendo's porting of its arcade successes (Donkey Kong) and better hardware for the time helped it capture most of the Japanese market by the end of 1984.

With the success in Japan Nintendo wanted to move to the North American market which was still reeling from the video game crash of the early 80s. Nintendo decided to redesign the look of the Famicon to make it look "different" to the failed consoles which came before it. They changed the name to Nintendo Entertainment System and also changed the cartridge mechanism to a front loading mechanism similar to a VHS video. With these hardware and name changes under its belt Nintendo then gave the system some gimmicky addons like the R.O.B. , a robot that could be controlled by a game. Nintendo's thinking was that all these changes would show consumers this was a new breed of console, in June 1985 it was unleashed to the North American market.


Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES was first released in limited markets within North America, mostly to test the waters for a full release. It sold out very quickly leading Nintendo to order a fullscale North American release by February 1986. Nintendo and others had been making games for the Famicon for over 2 years in Japan, so by February 1986 the NES had a large collection of popular games, among these was Super Mario Brothers and ExciteBike.

Nintendo and others ended up releasing over 40 different addons for the NES, among these were the Power Glove, a device which was used in the movie "The Wizard". This movie also helped propel Nintendo's popularity and in particular led to one of its games, Super Mario Brothers 3, selling over 18 million units. All these factors helped push video games into mainstream thought as businesses and media outlets realized the money that could be made from videogames.

Nintendo conducted some rather anti-competitive practices with the NES, forcing a lot of developers to only release on the NES and not other consoles like the Sega Master System. These practices, combined with the NES lead to market ensured it would be the 8bit king throughout the world. Nintendo's success however wasn't totally dominant, it failed to capture as much of the Australian and European markets as Sega did with its 8bit console.


NES Joypad

Standard Joypad

NES Advantage

NES Advantage

NES Zapper


Power Glove

Power Glove


Power Pad (use your feet)

Robotic Operating Buddy ROB

Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.)

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