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After Burner (アフターバーナー)

After Burner - Title Screen

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Score:Score 5
by FadWare

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! AHHHHH! Ok, i admit, i never finished After Burner without using tricks. It is an awesome game, and the music is so addictive, but is a quite tough game.

I rented the cartridge the first time i played After Burner. I thought: "Wow, Arcade at home!". Well, lets say it was a bit frustrating playing the first times. I think that SEGA could do a better version, the Master System hardware could give more to this game.

So, back on track. This game is good, not great, but good. The sad thing i remember is that my little brother stayed in home while i had to go to school, and so, he could practice a lot of times and he had finished the game. Man, i was so angry. Why? Because the money used to rent the game was mine. I used to maintain all coins i gathered in a bottle so i could buy a G.I. Joe doll, and was my brother who insisted in renting this game. The game is good, but brings me back some sad memories.

After Burner Trivia

After Burner Cheats, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs

Safe flying
Bank your aircraft as far to the left as possible. Hold the D-pad in this position and you cannot be hit until the 12th stage.

To have access to two continues, press UP+1+2 during the Game Over screen. You will now continue where you left off. This will, however, only work until Stage 7. To have access to unlimited continues all the way to Stage 17 using the same command, you must press PAUSE x100 during the opening screen before starting the game.

Easy refueling
Line up with the refueling plane when it appears. Use the D-pad to move across the top of the plane, then press DOWN+1+2 to refuel.

Box Text

Sega's smash arcade hit comes to life... on your Sega System! You're a Navy Air Captain. At your control is the most advanced fighting jet ever to set the skies on fire! You supply the skill, reflexes and guts. Your F-14 Thunder Cat gives you Mach 2+ speeds, unlimited firepower and a state-of-the-art battle computer which targets your enemies for destruction. Fire guided missiles, then blast away with your Vulcan cannon. Roll your F-14 left and right! Enemy missiles slide under your wings. Your afterburners roar as you dive for the wave tops! In this sky battle you're outnumbered. But that's O.K. When it comes to flying the unfriendly skies, you're the one they call "The Ace."

You're an ace fighter pilot. For wings you have an F-14 Thunder Cat, the most advanced fighter jet ever developed. In the sky, you are the perfect combination of man and machine. The country's freedom depends on your success. Good luck.

Sie sind ein erfolgreicher Kampfflieger. Als Flugzeug steht Ihnen eine F-14 Thunder Cat zur Verfügung; hierbei handelt es sich um den fortschrittlichsten Düsenjäger, der je entwickelt worden ist. Am Himmel stellen Sie die perfekte Kombination von Mensch und Maschine dar. Die Freiheit des Landes hängt von Ihrem Erfolg ab. Viel Glück!

Vous pilotez un avion de combat, le F-14 Thunder Cat, le meilleur appareil jamais mis au point, et vous êtes un champion. Dans les cieux, vous faites parfaitement un avec votre machine. La liberté du pays dépend de votre succès. Bonne chance!

Usted es un as entre los pilotos de cazas. Pilota un "Thunder Cat", el más avanzado de los cazas supersónicos jamás fabricado. En el cielo, es usted la perfecta combinación de homber y máquina. La libertad del país depende de su éxito. Buena suerte.

Siete il pilota di un caccia a reazione. Il vostro apparecchio è un Thunder Cat F-14, il caccia più avanzato che ci sia al mondo. Nel cielo, formate la combinazione perfetta d'uomo e macchina. La salvezza della patria dipende da voi. Buona fortuna!


Você é um capitão da tropa de elite da marinha e tem sob seu controle o avião a jato mais avançado a cruzar os céus. O F-14 Thunder Cat ultrapassa a velocidade do som alcançando Mach 2, tem poder de fogo ilimitado e ainda é equipado com um poderosíssimo computador de bordo que localiza os alvos inimigos permitindo que você os destrua. Mova o F-14 para a direita e para a esquerda, atire mísseis e dispare o canhão "Vulcan", pois mísseis inimigos estarão passando por baixo de suas asas. Nesta batalha vocês estarão em menor número, mas isto não é problema. Afinal, você é o único conhecido como "O Az".

After Burner - Game Cover
Released on Sega Master System

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