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Teddy Boy 

Also known as: Teddy Boy Blues [JAP] , テディボーイブルース , Geraldinho [BRA]

Teddy Boy - Title Screen

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Score:Score 9
by Tommy

I love Teddy Boy! I love his bizarre world with colourful backgrounds and strange enemies (ninjas and snails??) and weird physics where up gets you down, and going left makes you end up right. The box text calls it "a video dream", and if it's a dream, it's a strange one. The Teddy Boy world is probably where you end up if you eat those funky mushrooms or experiment with that oddly well smelling glue. But we don't need an explanation for all this weirdness. No story is necessary. Teddy Boy is just there, firing at his enemies that come out from their big dices, making sure he kills everyone before time is up. And it's fun!

I had this game as a kid, and I loved it. I was never able to finish all the 50 rounds though - I probably never got any further than round 20. That was of course until I read in the manual for the game (after I had started to understand some English) about the cheat that makes you able to select starting level. I was amazed by this when I found out about it, and was even more amazed that the manual told us about such a cheat. Back then of course I didn't know about the original arcade version of the game either, and I didn't know that it was called "Teddy Boy Blues" in Japan, and had different music (the same music as a real song with lyrics, called "Teddy Boy Blues"). I think both the Japanese and the Western music used in the game is awesome, and that the SMS version of Teddy Boy is almost as good as the arcade version, even though its graphics is a bit simpler and the bonus games have been replaced. And of course - as all games I played as a kid, the SMS-version holds a special place in my heart.

Teddy Boy Trivia

Teddy Boy Cheats, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs

Extra options
Press UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT at the title screen. A cheat menu with Continue, Fire, and 1-P options will appear.

Level select
Enable the extra options code. Press UP, and then DOWN nine times. Finish with pressing BUTTON1. The word Round and a number will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press LEFT or RIGHT to select a new starting level from 1 to 50. Press BUTTON1 to begin game play at the selected level.

Box Text

It's a video dream. Or nightmare. Depending on how well you're doing. Scramble from maze to maze - each more magnificent than the one before it - bumping off bugs, guppies, snails, dominos and more as you go. Grab precious points for tennis shoes, teddy bears, snails, and other identifiable objects. And try to avoid the ugly Den Den, a snapping dragon head. Or you'll be forced to wake up to reality. The colors are fantastic. Even the music is wild.

Scramble from one nightmarish maze to another bumping off bugs, guppies, snails, dominos and more as you go. But beware. You must avoid the ugly Den Den, a snapping dragon head.Or you'll be forced to wake up to reality.


Emergez d'un labirynthe cauchemardesque pour rentrer dans un autre, où vous vous heurterez à des insectes, des guppys, des escargots, des dominos et bien d'autres au cours de votre pénible progression. Mais attention! Evitez à tout prix l'affreux dragon Den Den qui ne fera qu'une bouchée de vous. Ou alors, vous serez forcé de revenir à la réalité.




Você é Teddy Boy, e está preso dentro de um labirinto cheio de insetos, caracóis, besouros e outros seres malignos. Fique alerta! Durante sua caminhada você terá que escapar de muitas armadilhas. Evite o horripilante Den Den, cabeça de dragão, que está faminto, e adora devorar criancinhas. Isto mais parece um pesadelo, mas você tem que sair desta, garoto! Seja rápido e mostre aos seus inimigos que quando se fala em labirinto e perigo ninguém é melhor que Teddy Boy.


Teddy Boy - Game Cover
2 (Take Turns)

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