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Wolfchild - Title Screen

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Score:Score 5
by Tommy

Although having decent graphics, Wolfchild is not the most interesting game in the Sega Master System catalog. It was originally made for Amiga and Atari, and was then ported to several consoles, including the Master System. This port lacks that little something special which makes the game stand out, and perhaps the most noticible thing that is missing here is music. Why on earth didn't they put any music in the game (other than the title screen music)? Wasn't there enough space on the ROM? Couldn't Core Design afford to hire someone to program some 8-bit Master System music into the game? Some games don't require any music, but this is not one of them. This is an action game with monsters and crazy environments, and you don't want it to be completly silent when walking around in that world. Sure, there are some cheap sound effects, but the game should have had music. Without, it almost feels like an unfinished proto.

Also, I know the game has a plot and a story, so why aren't we told that story? You have to read the instructions in order to understand that you are Saul, the only survivor of a family that got murdered by a terrorist organization. Saul's father was an expert in genetic research and you use this research to turn yourself into a "wolfman", seeking revenge.

The concept and story is interesting, but what is annoying about this, is that if you lose health, you go back to being a normal human. The wolfman is able to shoot (which is a big advantage in this game), while the human is only able to punch. Why is this? Can't human hold guns? You also have a special attack that kills everything on the screen, which I found out by accident. Of course, the game doesn't tell us that information either.

Like I said, the biggest flaw with Wolfchild for SMS is the lack of music. With some music in it to liven things up a bit, it could have been a decent game. Without, it's only mediocre. The drawing on the cover is really cool though!

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Secret message and stage select
Use the password MARIO to see a secret message and being able to select starting level.

Box Text

Chimera terrorists have kidnapped Saul Morrow's father and killed his mother and brother. Will his ability to transform into a lycanthrope warrior - a man-wolf with psychic powers - be enough to defeat an entire army?

Chimära-Terroristen haben Saul Marrows Vater entührt und seine Mutter und seinen Bruder getötet. Kann er mit Hilfe seiner Fähigkeit, sich in einen werewolfähnlichen Krieger zu verwandeln - einen Wolfsmenschen mit übernatürlichen Kräften - eine gesamte Armee besiegen?

Des terroristes de Chiméra ont kidnappé le père de Saul Morrow et ont tué sa mère et son frère. Saul est capable de se transformer en guerrier lycanthrope, un homme-loup ayant des pouvoirs surnaturels, mais cela sera-t-il suffisant pour vaincre toute une armée?







Wolfchild - Game Cover
Core / Krisalis

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