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RetroCopy emulates the Sega System 2 arcade machine at the cycle level for the main components except the VDP which is emulated in a mix between cycle and scanline accuracy. RetroCopy has the highest compatibility and accuracy with this system.

Hardware Overview

  • CPU1:Z80 @ 3.33MHz - 4MHz (speed varies whilst running)
  • CPU2:Z80 @ 4MHz
  • VIDEO:SYSTEM2 VDP - 256x224 with 2048 colors. 16KB VRAM
  • VIDEO INFO:2 background layers, 1 sprite layer, hardware collision detection
  • SOUND1:SN76496 @ 4MHz - 4 analog channels (3 square, 1 noise)
  • SOUND2:SN76496 @ 2MHz - 4 analog channels (3 square, 1 noise)
  • OTHER:PPI 8825 used for intercpu communication

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Choplifter TitleNoborankaToki No Senshi Chrono SoldierWonderBoy In Monster LandBrain ChoplifterDakkochan HouseHeavy MetalShooting MasterUfo Senshi Youko Chan
WonderBoy Cabinet

Choplifter cabinet


Sega upgraded their System 1 hardware in 1985 to help it compete better with other arcade systems. By mostly staying with their System 1 design and upgrading the video it allowed existing System 1 developers to easily migrate what they were working on to the new system and take advantage of the new features.

One of the features added was the ability to now select from 8 virtual pages to compose the scrolling tilemap. The scrolling tilemap size was also upgrade to 64x64 tiles, up from the System 1 which only had a size of 32x32. To allow all this, the amount of VRAM also had to be upgraded to 16KB, up from 4KB on System 1, This allowed developers to more easily develop 4 way scrolling games that would be used to good effect in games like Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

Another video feature added was the ability for games to use their 8bit palette value to be used in lookup tables to extend the the possible onscreen colors from 256 to 2048. Increasing the amount of onscreen colors was the graphics battle of the mid 1980s. The more colors you had available the more detailed your games could look.

The third major feature added was being able to control the horizontal scrolling not just for the whole tilemap, but for each tile. Games like Choplifter used this to achieve a scrolling paralax type effect.

List of Sega System 2 Games

The following games were produced for the Sega System 2

  • 119
  • Brain
  • Choplifter
  • Dakkochan House
  • Heavy Metal
  • Shooting Master
  • Toki no Senshi : Chrono Soldier
  • Ufo Senshi Youko Chan
  • Warball
  • Wonder Boy
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land


System 2 PCB

System 2 Board

Choplifter board

Choplifter board

Shooting Master cabinet

Shooting Master cabinet

Choplifter cabinet

Choplifter cabinet

WonderBoy Flyer

Choplifter flyer

Pitfall 2 Flyer

Heavy Metal flyer

My Hero Flyer

Shooting Master flyer

Flicky Flyer

WarBall flyer

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